Crestron Home:
Health and Wellness Campaign

The Crestron Home® smart home brings the elements of wellness together to help support better sleep, energy, mood, and emotional and physical health. 

Videos played at tradeshows, on social, campaign launch event and online. ​​​​​​​
Roles: storyboarding, video editing, design, motion graphics, rotoscoping, compositing color correction.
Motion Tracking and Rotoscoping: Replacing Remote
I replaced the remote from the stock footage and replaced it with our Crestron Remote.
I used motion tracking, rotoscoping and many layers of color correction / compositing.
Text Replacement
In order to use footage we already shot, I animated and composited a new UI so the finger taps on "Good Morning" on the right and moved "Welcome home" to the left button.
Motion Tracking and Compositing: Adding our device to stock content
We used stock footage and added in our product wherever we could. I added a tabletop device in the foreground and motion tracked, color corrected and composited it in scene.
Keying and Motion Tracking: Replacing Screen Content
We added our software to the phone and had it motion track the movement of the phone.
Rebuilt for a vertical experience at a tradeshow, without audio.
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