Crestron Flex MX - 
Product Launch Campaign

The Crestron Flex MX is a dual mode device that's the first of its kind. It can work with Microsoft teams, Zoom or any video software you bring to the table. Just plug and present. We held a live event with a product launch video, a new webpage features animations, a PR and social campaign. 

Incorporating 3D animation, we created a new style for Crestron that showed off its impressive capabilities in a modern way.

Videos were live during a product launch, featured on the website and social channels. 
Roles: Storyboard design, 2d animation, 3d animation, photo retouching
3 social spots showing the stories in their own says. Left: Native, BYOD with the MX as the hero. Middle: Hero shot of the campaign. Right: Story of the relationship between laptop and device. 
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